The Book of Stone

Written Law of the Mithril Warhammers

Guild Charter


Over the years we have played just about every MMO released as a group, and we have discovered a few things that will help you know if this community is for you.

  • People create great gaming experiences. For years we looked to game mechanics and design to create our gaming experiences. Perhaps it was because we happened to start off in an incredibly free game that allowed for great group experiences. But along the way we have seen that most games reward the individual and fight against the group. We don’t play those games, or if we do we don’t take them that seriously.
  • The older we get the less demanding we become. The term “power gamer” once described our average member pretty well. We had high expectations for each other and our guild and that took time and study. Over the years that time and energy has gone into things like jobs and families. We still tend to be a little more than “casual”, but we have more space for casual players these days and way more patience.
  • Group is more important than individual. We tend to be somewhat socialistic with our game economies, sharing what we have with those who need. But this concept goes beyond loot to the way we enjoy playing. Our best days are filled with a group of MWH rolling around a map wrecking NPCs and players alike. Though we often have individually skilled players who master their craft, it is group play where we shine. And the best part of that is that we actually have fun while doing it.
  • When possible we are actually friends in real life. Over the last 15 or so years many of us have had the chance to meet in real life… Most of us met in game. The way we play builds real relationship; and they have translated to a community that plays table top and story-driven games in the actual, real world… Sometimes including the crazy women and men who married us.



Guild Charter

The Book of Stone: Conduct & Duties

The Book of Stone is the “written law” of the Mithril Warhammers. It explains both the guidelines for the guild and its structure. At all times, Members are expected to uphold what is written here and the leadership is responsible to enforce it.

Code of Conduct

The following is a list of guidelines held to be the common responsibility of all Dwarves within the Mithril Warhammers while communicating in game, over voice chat, and in the forums.

  • Be respectful
  • Keep real-life politics out of public channels
  • Have a sense of humor

The following is a list of guidelines held to be common responsibility of all Dwarves when representing the guild.

  • No trash talk
  • Let leadership answer to criticism from outside sources
  • Kill every elf you see

Guild Charter

The Book of Stone: Roles and Responsibilities

Thanes, Veterans, Members, and Recruits


Unlike most gaming guilds, the Mithril Warhammers does not have a single guild leader. We instead incorporate a ruling body comprised of the guild’s veteran players. These Veterans have authority over all issues concerning changes in direction, regulation, membership or any other issues that concern the operation of the guild. The system is democratic and a simple majority rules.


Democracy becomes slow and clumsy in a competitive environment. Recognizing this, MWH elects three Veterans to the position of Thane within an MMO. This condensed authority allows for quicker action and decisions. The remaining Veterans are expected to follow and support the decisions made by these players.


Members have proven themselves to represent and fit into the culture of MWH. They have no authority, but they are recognized as contributing participants within the guild. As such they may enter into any game the guild is invested in and have all access to guild assets and lines of communication.

Members are eligible for Veteran status after actively serving in the guild for six months. At this point a member may seek or be sought out by a sponsor from the Veterans. The promotion is confirmed or denied by a majority vote from the remaining Veterans. The sponsor is excluded from this vote. If a player is denied promotion he or she must wait a month before restarting the process.


Recruits are responsible to prove that they will represent the characteristics and uphold the reputation of the guild. While the Members, Veterans, and Thanes, will take measure in regards to the inclusion of new players, it is the burden of that player to prove their place within the guild.

Recruits are eligible for member status after actively serving the guild for three months.  At this point they may petition for membership. Membership is confirmed by a majority vote by the Veterans. If a player is denied promotion he or she must wait a month before petitioning again.

Guild Charter

The Book of Stone: Procedure

MMO Organization

Massive multiplayer games are highly competitive. Teamwork as well as leadership is required to succeed. This is our very simple formula to achieve that success.

  • Veterans shall elect three of its own to serve in the position of Thane for an MMO.
  • Veterans shall set the goals to be achieved by the Thanes within the MMO.

Once the game has launched the Thanes have full authority over the operation of the guild. Veterans shall answer directly and unquestioningly to those they have elected. In addition to this they shall aid in the inclusion and management of the Members and Recruits.

Thanes should delegate specific additional duties to those who are willing.  These commonly include:

  • Recruitment
  • Information gathering
  • Asset management
  • Currency management
  • External communication
  • PvP event promotion
  • PvE event promotion

Thanes are solely responsible and may not delegate the following:

  • Discipline and Removal
  • Declarations of hostility and peace
  • Alliances

General Organization

Outside of an official presence in an MMO, the Veterans have control over the function of the guild. This includes entering games in an official capacity as a group, recruiting decisions, and non-game related maintenance (e.g. website maintenance, mass communications, etc.)

Mithril Warhammers operates relatively organically in general and people take initiative and often put together groups for many games. Minecraft, various FPSs, table-top games (DnD, Tabletop Simulator, etc.), and other activities. It should be noted, however, that everyone is encouraged to take initiative and put together groups for other games and participate in other activities, not just the Veterans.

Any member, regardless of rank, is expected to keep in touch via the preferred methods of communication with the guild. Currently, Discord is our primary means of communication and members are expected to use it as often as they are able. We use our website for scheduling and more organized communication.  Even just to hang out and be included in the goings on of the guild.