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Crowfall Sign-up (sale)

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This post will serve as some brief directions for signing up for Crowfall.

  1. Create an account on Please note that, at least for now, your account name is your in-game character name for all characters. So make it what you visible in-game.
  2. Go to and find Mithril Warhammers.
  3. Apply. Let someone know on Discord:, wait until you get accepted because between now and August 23rd, you’ll get 20% off.
  4. Use for 10% off (not sure if these both apply).
  5. Buy a package. The lowest priced one will suffice, so make your choice as you prefer.
  6. Hammers High!
  7. I highly suggest activating 2-factor authorization, since your IGN is your account name.
  8. When you sign-on, you’ll browse God’s Reach, and join there.
  9. Follow the quest-line to get a mount, some levels, a ring, and a discipline.

Crowfall Enters Beta

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It’s time to take the hammer out of the forge, friends.

At long last, Crowfall is entering its Beta phase, starting August 11, 2020. Although changes will still be coming frequently, we are going to use this time to build momentum as Mithril Warhammers again.

There is so much to talk about that the best way to get involved is coming into our Discord:

Hammers High!

Crowfall on the Horizon!

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Hopeful that Crowfall can somewhat be a spiritual successor to Shadowbane, several MWH members have been roaming the Hungerdome as Alpha testers. We have enjoyed meeting and playing with a lot of like-minded gamers, and finding some wandering Dwarven souls interested in joining us when the game releases.

Our guild will play all-Forgemaster mains, so we are expecting that players with VIP are constantly using one of their Archetype trains on Forgemaster. We are hopeful that Forgemasters and their promotion classes emerge as viable on their own, and will push the classes and their combinations and strategies to the limit, regardless.

If you are interested in joining us during testing, feel free to PM McTan, Barab, Alestrom, or Rochenstouffe on the Crowfall forums and post here, and join us whenever you see the MWH tag in game.

Hammers High!