Crowfall Sign-up (sale)

By August 7, 2020Crowfall

This post will serve as some brief directions for signing up for Crowfall.

  1. Create an account on Please note that, at least for now, your account name is your in-game character name for all characters. So make it what you visible in-game.
  2. Go to and find Mithril Warhammers.
  3. Apply. Let someone know on Discord:, wait until you get accepted because between now and August 23rd, you’ll get 20% off.
  4. Use for 10% off (not sure if these both apply).
  5. Buy a package. The lowest priced one will suffice, so make your choice as you prefer.
  6. Hammers High!
  7. I highly suggest activating 2-factor authorization, since your IGN is your account name.
  8. When you sign-on, you’ll browse God’s Reach, and join there.
  9. Follow the quest-line to get a mount, some levels, a ring, and a discipline.

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