Arma 3 Guildplay

By March 23, 2020Game Nights

Sadly, we all have to grow up sometime and most of us middle aged fogeys had that happen over the past decade or two. Many of us are married, have children or other responsibilities that keep us busy, even in this strange quarantined world in which are currently living.

With that it becomes harder and harder to kick back with our dysfunctional internet beard loving friends, so we have to organize some play dates. As such this will be the first of hopefully many we have until we find a game to settle into. Currently the interest in Crowfall seems to be the front runner for next game we jump into collectively and until that winds up we have to maintain the brotherhood!

So join us on March 28th and 29th for MWH’s first guild play session. We are going to be kicking it in Arma 3 for both evenings. All are welcome! Stay safe, healthy and maintain that real life social distancing!

Edit: Got some dates wrong, Planetside coming in April.

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